Friday 14 September 2012

Daily Outfit: The Tyranny of a Shirt

I’ve been strictly opposed to both the colour orange and polo shirts for quite a while now, so today’s outfit is something of a shock for me. I’m slowly letting go of my colour hang ups and embracing everything orange – as it is my favourite colour, and I’m now aware that it doesn’t actually make me look as washed out as I previously believed. However, polo shirts are a whole other kettle of fish. My problem with the humble polo shirt stems from having worked retail for a cumulative total of roughly 9 years. As a result I still associate polo shirts (and black Slacks, for that matter), with work uniforms.
The idea of having to return to a job where my employed formally dictates what I can and cannot wear fills me with a palpable dread. I can’t even tell you how unappealing polo shirts are to me, the particular weave of the fabric honestly has me recoiling when I touch them. I am, however, determined to introduce this more casual Preppy staple into my wardrobe, and so I have obviously decided on the route of exposure therapy. I will beat myself into submission! OK, wait – that sounds horrendously masturbatory...
Today I’ve forced myself into wearing:
Navy wool sweater – Share Broker, Etsy
Orange cotton polo shirt – Trenery
Black leather belt – wedding ensemble
Black resin coated bootcut jeans – G-Star Raw
Black leather military boots - Zu
Without the sweater and without the jeans tucked into the boots – this could very well be a Uniform. Luckily for my fragile Satroial psyche, I’ve never had to wear orange as a uniform colour. Royal blue, sky blue, white and several different shades of red; but never orange. I don’t own a single pair of black slacks either – and I won’t any time soon. I’m still not convinced I can stand wearing polo shirts, but for now I’ll continue to experiment...

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