Saturday, 5 July 2014

Daily Outfit: Canadian Tuxedo

This evening I donned a Canadian Tuxedo and the boyfriend and I headed down to New Acton to check out the Hustle & Scout Twilight Markets, as well as The Forage.

I must admit that I didn't stay very long at all. Both the boyfriend and I are a mite claustrophobic, and the sheer number of people at Hustle & Scout, and the freezing temperature and lack of eftpos at The Forage, mean that we had both had our fill pretty quickly. BUT, Hustle and Scout was going off! There was a really awesome turn out, and I was really impressed with the designers that were showing their stuff. It was really great to see so many Canberrans out supporting such a fantastic and home-grown event!

I'm not really sure what possessed me to wear this Canadian Tuxedo (double denim, FYI) for this daily outfit, but I have to say that I didn't mind the look as much as I would have though. The entire outfit consisted of:

Dark denim jacket - Mooks, ebay
Blue and white striped cotton sweater - Divided by H&M
Navy cotton tank - ASOS
Vintage monogram canvas bucket bag - Louis Vuitton, thrifted
Black leather belt - Raphael Steffens
Blades tapered Jeans - G-star, ebay
Blue leather boots - G-star

I've had this jacket for easily six months now, and I've never worn it. This is 95% because I have always though double denim to be one of the worst fashion faux-pas one could commit. I have been denim jacket curious for a while now, and this Mooks one was a steal at $26, so I gave into my temptation earlier this year.

I was hoping to have Jiawa from Closet Voyage and Heather from Heat Storm judge my outfit for me, as a part of their Style Scouting for Hustle & Scout, but sadly I didn't see them in the short time that I was there :"(

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