Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wardrobe Stories: Corr Blimey Slim Jim Jeans

After meeting with designers Louisa de Smet and SteveWright in the lead up to Fashfest 2014 and then seeing their amazing runwayshow for the Berlin collection, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on my own piece of Corr Blimey. More specifically, I wanted a pair of jeans.

After our initial meeting/consultation, I wound up choosing the Slim Jim Jeans however, because I'm generally difficult, I asked for Lousia to include the tabbed waistband from the Dustman Jeans, because I love the way that this looks.

So let's start with some basics:

Measurements: Tag Size - 38  Waist  - 42 in/106.5 cm  Front Rise - 12.5 in/31.5 cm  Leg Opening - 8 in/20.5 cm  Inseam - 35 in/89 cm  Outer Leg - 46.5 in/118 cm

There are four main pockets, with one of the back pockets being double-stuffed, and a coin/card pocket in the front-left, which is unique to this pair of jeans*. There are five belt loops, and the fly has two buttons at the top and an Ideal zip within. The yoke and double-stuffed pocket are reversed, so there is a contrast in colour, and the stitching throughout matches this detail. There is one slim corr blimey branded label on the back right pocket.

The Slim Jim Jean costs $250.

The Jeans are done in a raw denim, which you can read about here. The basics of what this mean, however, is that the jeans have not been laundered. The fabric is still heavily dyed and much stiffer than jeans you buy off the rack. The benefit here is that the jeans will last longer, and that they will wear-in in a way or look that is entirely specific to your body. The downside is that the fabric is quite rigid and can take a while to wear-in, and the dye will leak when wet or even rub off on you just from wearing them.

I love the Slim Jim jeans. The Dustman tabs are really simple but look really different and unlike anything else that I own. The raw denim is actually really smooth to wear, and while I have noticed some of the colour rubbing off, it is yet to stain anything irreparably. The fit is nigh-on perfect, with the exception of the legs being a little long for my stumpy little stems, meaning that I am wearing the rolled up right now.

If you are looking to get your hands on your own pair of Corr Blimey jeans, your best course of action is to contact Louisa through the Pre-Order fucntion on the Corr Blimey website.

*Louisa included this as a surprise for me, with the idea that I could put my Blog business cards in there, which is awesome!

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