Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Daily Outfit: Rococo Underpass

I've been wearing my chinos to work a lot lately, and to be perfectly honest with you, it's got me missing my jeans.

I decided to bust out one of my least-often worn pairs of jeans today, and to pair it with a bit more of a luxe/dressed-up look on top. I love a good juxtaposition, and I'll happily make jeans the basis of just about any outfit. The shirt and necktie are both completely over-the-top patterns, and the double-breasted blazer adds a certain level of the dramatic to the look. 

The end look is something that I'm particularly pleased with, and I really enjoyed wearing this today. The outfit is made up of:

Navy double-breasted blazer with textured stripes - labeless, thrifted
Blue and white floral print button-down shirt - Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Navy and gold Rococo patterned silk necktie - vintage Gianni Versace, Etsy
Gold-tone tie clip - gift
Brown leather belt - Sportscraft
Light denim Elwood jeans - G-Star, ebay
Brown leather shoes with buckle detail - Raphael Steffens

I took these photos at an underpass near our house, and must have looked sort of deranged doing so, because several people went out of their way to go up over the overpass and across the road, rather than walking past me and my camera on a tripod. I guess I can sort of understand why, but given that both the tripod and I were well off the foot path, and I was clearly photographing MYSELF; I don't really see what the issue was. 

In any event, I'm really happy with the photos and how they turned out. I love the grungy, painted-over concrete backdrop especially.

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