Monday, 11 August 2014

Daily Outfit: Stepped-up Blues

I decided to step things up a little, being a Monday, and my daily outfit today was really channeling my Blue Goth aesthetic more than I have in recent weeks. 

I really like how this outfit turned out and frankly I'm surprised I haven't thought to layer this cardigan, which I have had for years, before. It dresses-down the look, but without making it too casual, which jeans really would have.

For this daily outfit I’m wearing:

Navy textured double breasted under-sized blazer – labeless, thrifted
Navy cotton cardigan – Rittenhaus
Blue and white striped button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy silk necktie with white pin-dots – John & Lois, thrifted
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Navy whipcord chinos – Trenery
Navy and grey striped socks - Trenery
Brown leather shoes with buckle detail – Raphael Steffens

I'm trialing a new way of inspiring myself to play with my wardrobe too. 

Basically, I'm finding five images of menswear from Tumblr, and then setting myself the challenge of recreating that look from my own wardrobe. Today is the first one that I feel has translated quite successfully, and I'm really happy with what this will mean for my blogging and for pushing me outside my comfort zone when it comes to my clothes.

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