Monday, 7 April 2014

Daily Outfit: Monday Morning triple threat

Monday mornings call for something a little out of the ordinary. I didn't want to start the week off on a dull note, knowing ahead of time that it would be hectic and that I would have a lot of running around and a lot of potential stress to deal with, especially being such a strong believer in the way you dress on a Monday having an effect on the way the rest of your week plays out.

What I went with for today’s outfit was:

wool blazer with pinstripe – Rembrant Sartorial, thrifted
White cotton tailored shirt with navy check – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Navy and white checked scarf – We The People
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Medium-wash Blades jeans – G-Star
Brown suede loafers – Raphael Steffens

I thought that the two checked patterns would have worked better together than they did, but realistically the scarf is more of a plaid, meaning that I was wearing three contrasting patterns up top today. A few colleagues mentioned that I was looking dapper, which was really nice to hear. I think that investing in a midnight blue or true navy silk Tuxedo scarf to wear in such an ensemble would be a wise way forward for my wardrobe...

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