Friday, 4 April 2014

Fashfest 2014: Designer Profile – Perpetually Five

Perpetually Five is a Canberra based and made Menswear label which challenges our conceptions of what is age-appropriate, and celebrates the ingenuity and freedom of a spirit that is young at heart. I was lucky enough to meet with designer Mitchell Thompson at the 'Three birds and little Boy Blue' pop-up store/studio this Tuesday past, and to gain a little more of an insight into what Perpetually Five is all about, and what we can expect for Fashfest 2014.

Photo Credit: Leighton Hutchinson - Hair: Form Hair, Kingston - Makeup: M:Artistry
What I love about Perpetually Five is the feeling of celebration in all the garments that Mitch creates. In a lot of up and coming menswear labels there is a real move away from the idea of the uniform, and of corporate dress versus casual. While talking with Mitch he pointed out that a lot of what he makes could realistically be either men's or women's clothes, and could also be quite dressy or very casual, depending on how the garments themselves were styled and who was wearing them.

Perpetually Five is official runway alumni for Fashfest, and it is clear to see why. With striking designs and eye catching fabrics, most of which Mitch designs himself, Perpetually Five is an energetic and engaging label that really makes you want to try on the clothes. And, in exciting news for any female fans of the label out there, in this year's show Mitch will be introducing a selection of women’s wear. 

I asked Mitch what can we expect from Perpetually Five at Fashfest 2014. Obviously he wasn't giving much away, but he did share that he had based the whole collection around an easily-recognizable childhood object, and that the collection would be largely monochromatic. Furthermore, Belinda Rider, the face of Fashfest 2014, will be walking for Perpetually Five this year.

The Perpetually Five 2014 collection will be shown on Thursday May first, and Mitch promises that this year's collection will still be a lot of fun, and quite a show. 
Fashfest 2014 will be held at the award-winning Canberra Airport, 29 April to 3 May, Brindabella Park. It’s an amazing space—raw, industrial and intriguing. Tickets on sale now through

Photo Credit: Leighton Hutchinson - Hair: Form Hair, Kingston - Makeup: M:Artistry

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