Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Daily Outfit: Terrible Tuesdays

Terrible, terrible Tuesdays.

I honestly think that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week, and not Monday's as everyone would have you believe. This morning I woke up groggy after little sleep the night before, and when I got to work I realised I had not only failed to brush my teeth, but I'd also put my underwear on back to front and inside out!

Being the second day of the working week, Tuesday's are the day that public servants, and anyone who works Monday-to-Friday, are at their most morose. Tuesdays are terrible. My Tuesday today was no different at all, I have a huge chunk of work due soon and the deadline is beating me down, and I'm still recovering from this prolonged gay-man-flu as well. Not even the cheery glow of my most vibrant necktie was enough to lift my spirits today.

This terrible Tuesday I wore the following Daily Outfit:

Navy double-breasted blazer with multi-coloured stripes - no label, thrifted
Blue, orange and white checked button-down shirt - Trenery
Orange polyester knitted necktie - Uniqlo, Tokyo
Gold-tone tie clip - gift
Black leather belt - Raphael Steffens
Shredded and distressed straight-legged jeans - Industrie, gift from Mags
Black distressed leather shoes - Raphael Steffens

There were nice elements to this Terrible Tuesday though. I walked around Lake Burly Griffin at lunch time with my supervisor and it was really lovely. I also met with Louisa and Steve from Corr Blimey, and discussed all things Canberra and Fashfest for two hours, which was the perfect tonic for this otherwise depressing day.

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