Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Daily Outfit: Gameshow Host Vibes

I’m not really sure why, but I’m getting Gameshow Host vibes from today’s outfit.

Between the coral shirt and the patchwork necktie, I’m feeling like I could be hosting some sort of community access television game show. I'm not saying that this is a bad look, in fact, I sort of dig it. I'm just marveling at how different I can look from one day to the next, based solely on what I throw on my back.
The items which made up this Gameshow Host daily outfit were:

Navy under-sized blazer with striped pattern – no label, thrifted
Orange/coral cotton button-down shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Cotton checked patchwork necktie in shades of blue – vintage GAP, etsy
Navy and orange cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings - Trenery
Indigo wash Riley tapered jeans – G-Star, ebay
Navy and orange striped cotton socks - Trenery
Brown leather shoes with laser-cut detail – Raphael Steffens

It's probably not very chic or whatever the dude-equivalent of chic is, but I love a blazer that is too small. Especially in the sleeves. I love having a really short sleeve. This blazer has absoluetly no information attached to it - no label, no tags, nothing listing what it is made out of. It feels like 1970s polyester/plastic. It crunches when squeezed.

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