Thursday, 8 May 2014

Daily Outfit: Table cloth or scarf?

Taking a break from the whole ‘Blue Goth’ look today and wearing this beautiful wool scarf/table cloth that I thrifted from Material Pleasures in Fyshwick. The scarf is 100% wool and has a gorgeous floral motif printed on in the Russian/Soviet style.

I say scarf/table cloth because I honestly don’t know which this is supposed to be. It is an odd choice of material for a table cloth, but at the same time it is huge and an awkward shape for a scarf.
Today  I’m wearing it as a scarf in the following outfit:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket - Zara
Cream wool scarf with Russian floral motif – thrifted, Material Pleasures
Blue Oxford-cloth button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Black leather belt – re-purposed from wedding outfit
Blades tapered jeans – G-Star
Black leather military boots – Zu Shoes

I really love this piece of my wardrobe. It was a steal at $25 considering that it is real wool, and it actually works well with solid blue outfits. The fact that it is huge means that I can easily turn it into a cowl or a shawl as required too.

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