Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Daily Outfit: A lack of fallout

I went to work today expecting all sorts of hysterical fallout after the Federal Budget was handed down last night. I'm a Public Servant, as I've mentioned before, and so the Budget has a more immediate effect upon my colleagues and myself than it does most Australians, especially when it comes to something like whether or not we're going to be paid or lose our jobs or be relocated to somewhere ghastly like Cairns.

The Hysteria, however, never came. Well, no one around me really freaked out or had a meltdown, which was massively underwhelming. I was actually really pleased overall with the budget personally; though I would have greatly enjoyed some office hysterics.

Keeping with the underwhelming theme of the day, my Budget Day outfit was understated and a little bland:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket - Zara
Blue, white and orange checked button-down shirt - Trenery
Navy polyester necktie with white pin-dots – John & Lois, thrifted
Black leather belt – Raphael Steffens
Blades loose jeans- G-Star, ebay
Blue leather boots – G-Star

I was busy all day today, but I did have time to sneak away at lunch to go and check out Luke Chiswell's solo exhibition 'Straight Face' at the Nishi Gallery in New Acton, and I was lucky enough to meet Luke while I was there. The exhibition was due to close today, but has been extended through to May 25- so if you're in Canberra you need to get yourself there post-haste!

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