Monday, 19 May 2014

Fashfest 2014: Designer Review – Tuffys & Tuffetts

I'll be perfectly honest, I was not expecting to review Tuffys & Tuffetts at all for Fashfest 2014, because I had no idea that they did both men’s and women’s underwear. Tuffys & Tuffets were not on the list of menswear designers I received, so I just wrote them off as women’s wear I probably wouldn’t care about.

And, as it turns out, that was something of a mistake.

Tuffys & Tuffets is a men’s and women’s underwear range designed and made here in Australia. The label is 100% Australian owned and was launched in March 2012. This was their first time showing at Fashfest.

I was a little surprised to say the very least when 14 models walked down the runway showing off a eye-catching range of brightly coloured men’s and women’s underwear.

The 2014 collection from Tuffys & Tuffets was, in a word, vibrant. The bright colured underwear with contrasting waistbands worked equally for the men’s and women’s looks, and there was a fairly diverse showing of the T&T range. I would have liked to have seen more of the different styles for men’s underwear that Tuffys & Tuffets offer; but as I only wear boxer-briefs, I cannot say my reasons are entirely wholesome.

Adding to the vibrance of the collection was the styling. Giving the models minor props in the form is suspenders, bow-ties, vests etc. worked really well, and gave the whole collection a really fun vibe.

The only downside to the Tuffys & Tuffets collection is that it left me feeling exceptionally dowdy and matronly in my own collection of black jocks.

I foresee a T&T shopping-spree in my not too distant future.

If you want to get your hands on your own collection of fancy-pants from the Tuffys & Tuffets Fashfest 2014 collection, you can order through their website for very reasonable prices. And, if you subscribe to their email list, you can even get $10 off your first order! SCORE!

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