Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Daily Outfit: Weatherproof

We've officially entered the week between autumn and winter where Canberra's weather gets all Melbourne and we experience a multitude of weathers and temperatures in a single day.

Today's outfit was an attempt to dress to this ridiculous phenomena, and to head it off at the pass as it were.

I figured wearing jeans and a polo would be suitable for most warm-to-mild weather, but adding the sweater and the neckerchief made it that extra bit chill-resistant. And, both were easily removed if it turned balmy.

For this weather-proof daily outfit I’m wearing:

Orange cotton sweater - ASOS
Navy cotton polo shirt - Trenery
Blue cotton bandanna - 200¥ Store, Shibuya
Canvas belt with leather fastenings - Sportscraft
Light-wash Elwood jeans – G-Star, ebay
Brown seude loafers with ribbon detail - Raphael Steffens

I'm not really sure that I am pleased with how this turned out as a look, but t did the job that I intended it to do, so that was a plus for me. The sweater/polo combination looked at least a little work appropriate, unlike my jeans. I am worried that the sweater is really losing its structural integrity and really sagging with wear - I don't need anyone making any connections between my body shape and this pumpkin colour!

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