Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fashfest 2014: Designer Review – Corr Blimey

Last but by no means least in both the Fashfest shows and my personal reviews of the menswear collections, we have Corr Blimey’s 2014 collection Berlin.

Hands down, this was my favourite collection of Fashfest 2014.

Louisa and Steve presented a collection of men’s and women’s looks. In a pallet of tarnished metallics and creams, this collection was striking and theatrical while maintaining a wearability. The cut of the garments remained true to the Corr Blimey DNA, but the execution and accessories all made for a new and engaging entry for the Fashfest alumni label.

I really loved all of the collection, but for me the top of my “I MUST OWN THAT!” list went to the amazing collaboration with Silver Atom Designs, in the shape of metal and leather harnesses, neckwear, wrist adornments and even a crown! I loved the crystalline/prismatic structures that were used and the touch or armor that these beautiful accessories added to the collection.

Special mention must be made of the men’s red latex covered sneakers, the amazing makeup, and of course of the show-stopping rich bronze dress worn by the Face of Fashfest 2014 Belinda Riding. The neckline on that dress is truly amazing, and Belinda scorched that catwalk as she took that final walk.

All in all, Corr Blimey’s Berlin is a gritty, grungy celebration of sumptuous fabrics, marvelous cuts and striking sculptural details. The collection is both inspired and wearable, and a perfect testament to just what Canberra Fashion has to offer.

If the Corr Blimey collection left you ravenous to get your hands on a piece to call your very own, you can contact Louisa directly by email, the details for which are here. Or, you can head down to Hustle &Scout on July 5 2014, where Corr Blimey will be selling their Berlin collection.

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  1. Awesome! I love the waistline and cut of those women's pants. And those red sneakers rock my boat.
    xo -H