Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fashfest 2014: Night One - The Artist

 The first night of Fashfest 2014 was a great night out, showcasing the talent that Canberra has to offer in an exciting venue, to a live music soundtrack, attended by those Canberrans with a love for fashion and design. The work on show was impressive, and the looks both on and off the catwalk were really inspiring.

The Fashfest team put on a really great evening, and I was so thrilled to attend amd see just what Canberra can do. I will admit that being a born and bred Canberra, I can be a little jaded about events that the ACT puts on. Any reservations I had about Fashfest were completely obliterated last night, and I had a fantastic time ctaching up with Bloggers, Designers and the Fashfest team.

There were eight different collections shown, with two shows showcasing the work of multiple designers at once. All of their collections were interesting and showcased real talent. That said, my personal favourites were Rockstars & Royalty, Reneria and the menswear collection from Stagelabel. I’ve tried my best to capture a sense of each collection in a single sentence below:

Mimi Fairall x Jetts Digital – Really interesting prints and cuts on this swimwear, sexy without being garish or tacky. Great use of colours.

WND.LND – Icecream Unicorns! Pastel colours and quirky garment design. A pleasure to watch this collection - loved the Comme des Garcons inspired hair.

Reneira – A really sophisticated collection in a great colour pallette. Loved the white embroidered suit (above). Really great shiloutettes.

CIT Graduate – Fresh takes onfashion from the next generation of CIT talent. Some really cool ideas and fun use of colour and texture.

The Darling Sisters / Swim– 1940's inspired, very nautical and with a sense of war-era femininity. Interesting prints.

Stagelabel – Four designers showing different collections. Great looks all round, but it was the menswear that caught my eye. Really interesting menswear garments in cool fabrics and cuts. Can't wait to see more from this label.

Rockstars and Royalty - The label says it all. This collection closed the night and was, of course, the star. This collection was all lacy textures, embellished details and high glamour.

Rockstars and Royalty was the perfect note to end the show on, as it amped everyone up and left us begging for more. I cannot wait to see what Night Two - The Scientist, has to offer. I'll have more front-row snaps for the following three nights, and then next week I'll be doing in-depth reviews of the Menswear collections from Fashfest 2014.

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