Friday, 2 May 2014

Fashfest 2014: Night Two – The Scientist

Night two of Fashfest 2014 is done and dusted, but what a fantastic night it was. The talent on display last night was mesmerizing, and the crowd could sense that they were in for a truly remarkable experience of what Canberra has to offer.

Once again the Fashfest team went above and beyond, providing a world-class event that I know that they are proud of, and with good reason. Everything ran smoothly, everything looked amazing, and the atmosphere never dropped once. Thank you so much for all your amazing work.

I was delighted to meet two local ladies, sitting beside me in the front row, who were there as a treat for themselves for the second year in a row. If you read this, thanks for your company and conversation, and it was lovely to meet you both.


Once again there were eight different collections shown, with two shows showcasing the work of multiple designers at once. All of the collections were interesting and showcased real talent. That said, my personal favourites were Braddon TailorsG. Ginchy and of course Perpetually Five. I’ve tried my best to capture a sense of each collection in a single sentence below:

Elanor Gates-Stuart and Jemima Parker X Jets Digital - Striking prints and great cuts, with some really interesting sculptural details! I realised mid-way through that I went to high school with Jemima! Small world!

CIT Graduate - Really promising work on display tonight, great use of texture and play with the form of garments. Excited to see more from this diverse group of designers. (sadly, no menswear :( )

BM Designs – Larger than life head-wear and simple, comfortably cut garments.

G.Ginchy – Vampy. This show was a pleasure to watch, with well cut garments and interesting details. Loved the finale dress on the Face of Fashfest Belinda Riding

Recollection – Relaxed cuts in earthy tones. Very popular with the crowd.

Braddon Tailors/Cotter’s Crossing – The main event for me, really thrilled with the collection and the styling. Great selection of pieces from Canberra's most exciting tailors. Loved the denim suit and the scarves and ties by Henry Carter. 

Mont – Adventure wear isn't something that I have a lot of, given that I am staggeringly lazy, but if I did I'd want to wear Mont. All designed and made in Canberra, who thought that thermal tights and a puffer vest could look this good?

Perpetually Five – Mitch Thompson's collection stole the night with it's amazing tailoring, restrained colour pallet and pure energy. This show was a delight to watch. Models jumped and walked backwards, the inspiration was the childhood craft staple the 'Googly Eye', and Mitch took his bow ON ROLLER SKATES! A fantastic show and a great close to the night.

Tomorrow we have Night Three - The Philosopher. Once again I'll have more front-row snaps, and next week I'll be doing in-depth reviews of the Menswear collections from Fashfest 2014.

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