Saturday, 24 May 2014

Daily Outfit: Preparing for Finland

Given the comparatively balmy weather we’re having this weekend (18 degrees in autumn is balmy for Canberra!) I decided to utilise the opportunity and to trial an outfit I was planning on packing for my trip to Finland in two weeks time.

I’ll be in Finland in early summer. The average temperature for the month of June in Finland is 18 degrees. So, it made sense to me trial wearing the shorter-length chino shorts from ASOS, just to see how I’d fair temperature-wise.

I am happy to report that the outfit I’m wearing today is completely suitable for 17-19 degrees:

Blue and white seersucker blazer – Meeting Street, Etsy
Gunmetal blue cotton crewneck t-shirt – ASOS
Brown leather belt - Sportscraft
Monogram canvas bucket bag – vintage Louis Vuitton
Shorter-length navy chino shorts – ASOS
Brown suede loafers – Raphael Steffens

Granted, it probably helps that I’m of chunkier, Nordic stock, and so I’m sort of genetically built to deal with the cold. That said, even in the shade I was a nice temperature, and if my legs did get a bit chilly I just used the blazer as a blanket. Problem solved.

All in all, this outfit was 100% successful and will likely be on rotation while I am overseas in June.

SIDENOTE: How amazing are these photos that Jiawa from Closet Voyage took? I cannot even deal with how good they look.

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