Sunday, 18 May 2014

Travel: Three Weeks to Go

This time in three weeks time, I will be aboard a plane headed for Singapore, for a three-hour layover. After that three hours it's back aboard and off to our main destination, Helsinki, Finland.

For anyone who has been following this Blog for some time, you will be aware that I am VERY late to the whole travelling abroad thing. I left Australia for the first time in 2013. 

Despite the fact that I've only left the country twice, and both flights were under 10 hours, I can safely say that I am a terrible traveler. I don't enjoy the actual travelling part in the slightest- planes are uncomfortable and other people are gross. So, seeing as I am now faced with two 20-hour plus layover flights, I figured it would be best to start taking matters into my own hands, and investing in some travel clothes.

I decided that I would wear track pants the next time I flew on my return from Thailand last year, when I was suffering a revolting bout of food poisoning and was in jeans. I was miserable. It is a real miracle that Mags didn't kill me.

I bought these New Look joggers in a navy marle from ASOS last week, and they're already confirmed as what I am wearing on the plane. They are INSANELY soft! And I think that they will actually be quite warm too. The Bellfield vest I am wearing is also from ASOS, and while I likely won't wear it on the plane, I am a little bit in love with it. It is navy with flecks of flocked colour throughout it, and it is gorgeous with a blazer.

I grabbed several plain Tshirts for the my wardrobe, and they'll be coming with me on this trip. This is an ASOS-brand cotton crewneck, and it's really comfortable and will probably be what I wear on the plane with the joggers. The chino shorts in the shorter length were grabbed specifically for this trip, though I'm really happy with them so will obviously wear them a lot. 

It will be summer in Finland while we are there, but that means a top of about 17 degrees usually. This will be heaven for me, as I do not enjoy summer at all. 

With only three weeks to go, I am going to be madly getting all of my packing and planning sorted, as well as scraping together as much stand-by content for the Blog as I can. I am a planner by nature, but I really suck at packing. Evidence supporting this statement is the four images below, which is what I packed for my last weekend away in Melbourne. This, and only this.

God knows what I will actually pack for Finland!

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