Monday, 19 May 2014

Daily Outfit: Silver Atom X Corr Blimey

OK, fair's fair, I did not actually wear this amazing neckwear from Silver Atom to work today. I don't own it (yet), and it is on loan from Corr Blimey for an exciting opportunity that presented itself to me.

However, it is so magnificent that I couldn't help but throw it on today for my Daily Outfit photos.

The amazing piece was created by Silver Atom Designs for the Corr Blimey collection Berlin, which showed at Fashfest 2014 earlier this month. For a few twists of steel wire, it is remarkably comfortable to wear and in my humble opinion, incredibly beautiful.

My outfit today is a take on what I wore when I got to try the Silver Atom X Corr Blimey hardware the first time at Fashfest 2014 Day Five. It is made up of:

Silver deep-v pointed neck-piece - Silver Atom X Corr Blimey
Navy pinstriped merino wool tailored blazer - Rembrant Sartorial, thrifted
White cotton t-shirt with pocket - Esprit, from ASOS
Black leather belt - Raphael Steffens
Torn and shredded detail bootcut jeans - Industrie, a birthday gift from Mags
Black leather shoes with cut-out detail - Raphael Steffens

Having paraded around the house in this piece, I'm now determined to own it, or a variation of it. 

You would think that something so angular and made of such sturdy steel would be really cumbersome to wear, but I give no lip-service when I say that it just isn't. It is cold to the touch when I initially put it on, but after a few seconds it has warmed to my body temperature and that is the last thought I give it. And it is so striking, I cannot wait to wear one out to dinner one night!

The metal work from the Berlin collection will be available to purchase in several different finishes and colours, and Corr Blimey will have more information on pricing later this month, which I will share with you then.

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  1. I like this. Its bold, but I don't think anything is too bold in this time in history. I think its high-time people started getting loud and experimenting with neck accessories instead of only necklaces. Way to rock it! - xo H