Saturday, 15 March 2014

Daily Outfit: Blogger Brunch

I had the pleasure of meeting for brunch with the lovely Jiawa of Closet Voyage and Heather of Heatstorm today. We had a lovely meal at Maple and Clove in Barton, and then travelled to Margaret Timpson Park in Belconnen to take our daily outfit photos. Jiawa took the photos of me here with her camera, and edited them for me as well. It really shows what a decent camera and a knowledge of photoshop can do for you.

I was wearing the following in today’s outfit:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket – Zara
White slubby long-sleeved shirt – Country Road
Light grey skull print  – impostor Alexander McQueen, Chinatown
Black leather belt – repurposed from wedding outfit
Loose tapered Riley jeans – G-Star
Blue leather boots – G-Star
Terracotta leather over-sized ‘Bayswater’ bag – impostor Mulberry, Koh Samui

I can't even deal with how amazing these photos look. I know that it's very vainglorious of me to even mention it, but I love these photos. Jiawa is obviously really talented and she has, in these images from our Blogger Brunch meet up, made me look amazing.

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