Saturday, 8 March 2014

Daily Outfit: A night out in Melbourne

What better excuse than a night out in Melbourne to bust out this amazing python clutch that I purchased off Etsy a year or so ago? I like to try some of my more elaborate or over the top wardrobe pieces out outside of Canberra if the opportunity arises, and this clutch is certainly one of those. I tried to take it to dinner with the boyfriend one night down the coast, but he was less than impressed and as such it stayed home that night.

There is actually a really cool story behind the clutch. The seller on Etsy has a friend who is an Urban Explorer, who goes around investigating abandoned buildings in the USA and pulling out one of a kind vintage pieces. She had the clutch (originally a handbag with a thin strap) for sale for $38 USD, and it was found in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan; with its original tags attached (for $124!). I snapped it up from her store for a steal in my opinion, and then cut the strap off. 

The outfit that I wore out to dinner was:

Blue Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Black leather belt – repurposed from wedding outfit
Riley Jeans – G-Star
Pearlescent blue thongs – Havaianas (worn in photos)
Blue leather ankle boots – G-Star (actually worn to dinner)
Python skin clutch – DAME, vintage via Etsy

The clutch certainly indulges my Cruella DeVille tendencies, being real python skin. It feels absolutely gorgeous, if a little stiff. I was a bit worried that its age would make it delicate and impractical for use; but that only lasted until I tipped a beer all over myself and it on Saturday evening like a complete clutz! It's held up very well.

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