Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Fixation: New World Transparent Specimines

While I was in Tokyo last year, a friend of mine directed me to check out the colossal Tokyu Hands Shibuya, which is a department store that sells a bit of everything and lots of really cool odds and ends. It was a great recomendation and I spent a couple of hours wandering around in dazed awe of the whole place. 

And then, somehow, I saw a display case showcasing the work of Iori Tomita. As you can see with what I have showcased here, he creates beautiful artworks by turning marine life translucent, and dyeing the hardest parts of their bodies, that which remains behind.

The pieces were all really reasonably priced, but I didn't think that there would have been any way Customs would have let me back into the country with a fish skeleton suspended in clear fluid, beautiful though they may be.

I love these images and they're giving me all sorts of wicked sartorial ideas, so I decided that I would share them with you.

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