Thursday, 20 March 2014

Daily Outfit: A burst of colour

I was feeling the need for a burst of colour today, and what better way to inject that into my wardrobe than with two items of clothing in this rich orange? Keeping in line with my colour limited wardrobe aesthetic, I've only allowed myself one other colour and one shade (orange and white respectively), in addition to my all-blue wardrobe. I've been slowly culling everything that doesn't fit into these parameters from my wardrobe, and wearing only blue suits me. However, occasionally I get the urge for that burst of colour, and that is where the orange comes in.

I was hoping it would be cooler today than it was, and today’s daily outfit was perhaps a little too warm as a result. I wore:

Orange cotton sweater – ASOS
Orange and white gingham button down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Brown leather belt – Sportscraft
Bootcut jeans with distressed detail – Armani Jeans, thrifted
Brown leather laser cut shoes - Raphael Steffens

While I liked today's burst of colour, I did feel like I was missing the blue from my outfit. I think of this as good progress though, towards my ultimate goal of a wardrobe that is 80% blue. I'm headed to the Vinnies Monster Warehouse Sale out in Mitchell this weekend, and so hopefully I'll be able to grab some new, blue, vintage there.

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