Sunday, 30 March 2014

Travel: Sydney in Snapshots

The view of the Haymarket from our hotel. 

As you know by now, I spent this weekend in Sydney with my Boyfriend. We stayed in the Haymarket area, which is essentially Chinatown, and quite seriously my favourite place in Sydney. The following is a collection of snapshots from our weekend away.
For me, no trip to Sydney is complete without a trip to Chinatown, and no trip to Chinatown is complete without a trip to Emperor Bakery.

The lighting installation in Kimber Laneway, which look like ghosts to me.

Detail of the installation in Kimber Laneway. These have an eerie electric blue glow at night.

I love the older architecture in this area of Sydney, and the detailing on the building.

I have always loved the food on display in Chinatown, and it inspired two of my tattoos. This is a picture of my lobster tattoo with lobsters on display.

Likewise, this Peking duck tattoo was inspired by the glistening displays of Peking duck I’ve always admired in Chinatown.

Another element of Sydney that I adore is how easily greenery will grow.

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