Saturday, 29 March 2014

Daily Outfit: Kimber Lane, Chinatown

Today the boyfriend and I slept in and then went out exploring Chinatown and the surrounding area. I dragged him down several alleyways over the course of the weekend so that I could photograph various bits of graffitti, and he patiently took these outfit shots for me today too in Kimber Lane. I've been intrigued by the murals and suspended lighting in Kimber Lane for a while now, but I've never gotten the chance to photograph the murals during the day. The laneway made an awesome backdrop for today's outfit shots.

Today's was all about utility and had nothing to do with style. It was muggy in Sydney and I was walking everywhere, so I went with a trusty Trenery polo which is absorbent, to say the least. I wore:

Faus-tortoiseshell sunglasses - Prada
Grey cotton polo shirt - Trenery
Black pleather bag - no label, purchased in Chinatown a few trips ago
Black leather belt - Raphael Steffens
Navy tie-dyed shorts - ASOS
Pearlescent blue thongs - Havaianas 

I always have an awesome time in Sydney, and I love staying right in the heart of Chinatown and the Haymarket area. I'm hoping to get back to Sydney soon, hopefully for a little longer next time. 

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