Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Daily Outfit: Hand-me-downs

A little over two weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me and said that he'd been cleaning out his wardrobe, and that he had a few things that I might be interested in. I of course said that I would be, and we arranged to  meet up for a drink the following week so that I could collect the clothes.

I was not expecting to receive close to my own body weight in clothes to sort through, but I've never been one to turn down an opportunity to expand my wardrobe, and so I took the bulging bag home and proceeded to sort through the clothes, hunting for pieces to expand my wardrobe.

I've been giving my hand-me-downs to my boyfriend, father and sister lately, and to be honest I don't think that I have received anyone's hand me downs for a couple of years. It is without a doubt one of the weirdest pleasures out there.

I decided to celebrate my reunion with the concept by wearing a pair of jeans that I scored in today's daily outfit post. I'm wearing:

Light grey cotton sweater with raised argyle pattern - Reserve, Myer
White cottong polo-shirt - Trenery
Black leather belt - Raphael Steffens
Straight-leg light stretch jeans - Calvin Klein, hand-me-downs
Distressed black leather dress-shoes - Raphael Steffens

Can I just say, what a treat! The jeans (there are two pairs) fit me like a glove, and they're in fantastic condition. That was always part of the weirdness for me receiving hand-me-downs as a kid, getting new clothes that weren't entirely new. I mean, now I buy probably half of my clothes second-hand or pre-loved, so it doesn't even occur to me that I once found it weird. What was weird to me, however, was not having to pay for the new clothes!

That said, I can see myself getting used to being given hand-me-downs :P

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