Saturday, 27 September 2014

Daily Outfit: Fairbairn

This afternoon I headed out to Fairbairn to the Hustle & Scout markets, to check out the stalls from local designers and purveyors of Delicious foods.

I was also there to act as a Style Scout for the crowd, and I spent the majority of the afternoon stalking around looking for well dressed guys and gals to snap a picture of for the Hustle & Scout Facebook page. I'll have a blog post featuring my favourite menswear looks up at some stage tomorrow, and all of my Style Scouting images should be available on the Facebook page by tomorrow afternoon.

Seeing as I would spend my afternoon scouting other people's style, I felt like I really had to step it up a notch with my own look. The outfit that I decided to go with was:

Navy wool stretch blazer - Travel Jacket, thrifted
Neon orange 'Phoenix' harness - Slick It Up
Navy cotton crew neck t-shirt - ASOS
Black leather belt - re-purposed from wedding outfit
Raw denim slim Jim jeans with Dustman waist - Corr Blimey
Blue leather boots with buckle detail

Monogram canvas Nöe bag - pre-loved, potentially fake

I personally love this harness from Fetish/Streetwear powerhouse Slick It Up, though I'll readily admit it would look much better on someone with a better physique. Or any physique to speak of. I love how bold the neon-orange elastic looks against the navy, and it is actually remarkably comfortable to wear around. I bought the harness as a set with another, and I'll be busting that, and then both, out for you to see very shortly. 

I'm eager to know what you think of the harness-as-accessorie look. Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments section below.


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    1. Hey Karl.

      It's actually a t-shirt with an elastic harness over the top. I'm thinking of trying to make some myself using different coloured elastic.

      Cheers :)