Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hustle & Scout: Style Scouted

Yesterday was the first birthday of the Hustle & Scout Markets here in Canberra, and I headed out to the gorgeous new location at Hangar 47 at Fairbairn to spend the afternoon Style Scouting the other attendees for the Hustle & Scout Facebook page.

I had a really great time at the markets, and I have to extend a huge congratulations to Tegan and her team for an amazing job well done. The space looked fantastic, the talent on display was phenomenal, and I truly cannot wait for the next market to come around.

Below is a selection of my favourite looks from the day, with very brief reasons as to why their looks caught my eye.

Ladies to the left looking effortlessly chic with great pops of colour.

 Couple to the right looking relaxed, but still dressed-up for the weekend!

At left- not taking themselves or their clothes too seriously.

Fantastically dressed couple! Loved everything about his look, wanted to steal her amazing sweater
(Where did you get it???) 

Great looks that compliament each other on the left (love the hat).

Loved the guy on the right's look, especially those killer shoes.

Their blazers/black jeans combos! A winner whichever way you look at it.

Great use of muted colours on the left, and truly amazing bag game.

Weekend casual without looking sloppy on the right (and loving the man bun too!).

These two were my favourites of the day. From the Louis Vuitton Samur to the nude leather boot, both rocked their looks head to toe and looked fantastic doing so.

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