Saturday, 20 September 2014

Daily Outfit: Saturday Casual

Today was all about getting ready for the week ahead. 

Most people, I imagine, use their weekends to relax and rewind and not to run around like a madman getting their lives sorted for the following week. I am unfortunately not such a person, and while I did find time today for one or two moments of relaxation, the majority of my time was spent running errands, doing chores, and generally getting my life sorted out for the following six days.

I didn't really get a chance to stop until I headed out to dinner tonight with the boyfriend.

It was a beautiful Spring day here in Canberra, but there was still a mild chill in the air this evening, and so I decided to play it safe, and wore the following to dinner:

Grey cotton sweater with raised argyle pattern - Reserve, Myer
Black cotton t-shirt - Puma
Black leather belt - repurposed from wedding outfit
Straight leg stretch denim jeans - Calvin Klein, gifted by friend
Black cotton canvas espadrilles - ASOS

Delightful GM bag in monogram coated canvas - Louis Vuitton, pre-loved

I like to dress down on weekends, and this outfit was really perfectly suited for what I was doing all day anyway. I feel like if I am spending the majority of my weekend getting my Blogging life sorted, as well as doing chores and preparing meals for the week ahead; that at the very least I can forsake being impeccably dressed and at least be super comfortable.

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