Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Daily Outfit: Professor Salmon

It was probably a little ambitious, in hindsight, to try and ease myself into wearing the very collegiate/preppy material, tweed; while simmultaneously trying to get my money's worth from a shirt I hate.

All I got all day were Professor Salmon vibes.

For today's failed 'Young Professor' look I am wearing:

Gunmetal blue wool tweed blazer - Robert Bruce, thrifted by my mother
Aggressively salmon button-down shirt - Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong
Navy silk necktie with shield motif - Polo Ralph Lauren, etsy
Gold-tone tie clip - gift
Brown leather belt - Sportscraft
Navy whipcord chinos - Trenery
Brown leather shoes with etching detail - Raphael Steffens

Lets be honest, the look does not really work. It's too Young Man/Old Man. I look like I am trying to be taken seriously while also like I'm trying to show that I am still young and hip and with it. All-round, this is a pretty miserable outfit, and I'm man enough that I really just didn't manage to pull it off.

I've worn the tweed successfully before, but I do feel like it is far from the most flattering cut. That's OK though, as this is just a training piece until I get one made by Braddon Tailors. The shirt, however, is just a disaster, and I think that it is time to cull it from my wardrobe for good.

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