Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Daily Outfit: 8-Bit

Today's Daily Outfit shots were taken by my best friend Mags at our local Metro station here in Stockholm Sweden. When we first got here I instantly fell in love with the 8-bit mosaic art that covers the entire interior of station, and knew that I would have to take my outfit photos here one day.

For anyone who doesn't know, 8-Bit, or more precisely the 8-Bit era, refers to video game consoles (and games) that were produced from 1983 onwards. The artwork here does feature games from earlier eras, like Pac Man and Space Invaders, but primarily the artwork is based around arguably the biggest game of the 8-bit era: Super Mario Brothers.

I wish I could say that I had tried my best to come up with an 8-Bit influenced daily outfit photo, but that would be a lie. As such, today I am wearing:

Navy and white striped cotton knit jumper - Divided by H&M
Navy cotton crew-neck t-shirt - ASOS
Orange and navy ribbon belt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Riley 3D loose tapered jeans - G-star
Orange and blue sneakers - Puma

We spent the day in the heart of Stockholm, wandering about and admiring the architecture and poking our heads into little shops here and there. I bought myself a new silver ring which I am quite taken with, and I nearly booked in for a tattoo appointment, however the price did not agree with me.

Stockholm is a beautiful and really interesting city, and the locals are IMPECCABLY DRESSED! Seriously, the local lads are really making me feel the pressure, and I'll be looking to adopt some of their really simple but stunning looks when I get home to Australia.

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