Monday, 16 June 2014

Daily Outfit: Arktikum

Today's daily outfit shots were taken at the Arktikum, by Mags.

The Arkticum is a huge, partially underground building with an immense glass roof, which houses a museum, and art gallery, and a science centre. Visiting the Arktikum was a very spur of the moment decision, but as we had no real plans today besides visiting the Arctic Circle line, it made sense. And I am so glad we did visit, because it is a truly beautiful building with some great exhibits inside.

It also proved to be a great location for my daily outfit snaps.

I'm rather rugged-up because it was freezing today in Rovaniemi, especially at Santa Claus Village; however inside the Arktikum it was incredibly warm. The only reason I didn't check my jacket and has was so I could take my outfit photos!

This daily outfit was made up of:

Nordic patterend blue beanie with ear flaps - purchased in Jindabyne, NSW
Navy polyester hooded jacket with orange trim (part of a tracksuit) - H&M
Navy cotton t-shirt with 'Macho' print - Slickitup
Orange and navy ribbon belt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Motor 3D tapered embroidered Jeans - G-Star
Orange and blue sneakers - Puma

The best part of the Arktikum by far, however, was the design of the building. To get into the building you walk down a couple of lights of stairs into an open amphitheatre like area, which today was full of howling wind. It has a rather stark and imposing façade; but within it is a quiet and peaceful environment basked in the bright glow of the Arctic summer sun exposed by a tunnelled ceiling of glass panes.

The effect is breathtaking and I loved every moment in the building. 

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