Friday, 13 June 2014

Daily Outfit: Farewell to Tallinn

Today I bid farewell to Tallinn, Estonia.

I started off the day with a brisk walk (getting myself completely lost before retracing my steps and finding my way home), and then a short time after I got back to our apartment it started to rain.

Tallinn is a beautiful city, but all the beauty in the world still makes walking around in the rain fairly miserable.  However, I didn't actually notice it was raining until we got outside on our way to grab some breakfast and run some final errands, so I was a little under-dressed for the weather.

For my outfit to say farewell to Tallinn I'm wearing:

Navy cotton beanie (not pictured) - ASOS
Navy over-sized double breasted wool blazer - Oxford, thrifted
Navy marle crew-neck t-shirt - ASOS
Orange and navy stripped ribbon belt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy tie-dyed cotton shorts - ASOS
Orange and blue sneakers - Puma

This amazing piece of late-Medieval period stone and masonry tower on which I am posing for today's daily outfit is one half of the Viru Gate. Located in the Eastern section of the Town Wall, and were built roughly around 1345 AD. Today the Viru Gate marks one of the entrances to Old Town and Viru Street, and is right next to the single most amazing group of Florists I have ever seen in my life.

We caught the ferry back to Helsinki this afternoon after bidding a fond, if somewhat soggy, farewell to Tallinn and Estonia. Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and we're off North towards Lapland!

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