Sunday, 22 June 2014

Daily Outfit: Baltic Princess

Today we left Turku for Stockholm, by way to the Silja Line ferry 'Baltic Princess'.

We spent the night on the Baltic Princess, and I have to say, it wasn't exactly the best travel experience that I have had on this trip. The noise that the ferry produces while you are settling in to sleep for the night is... alarming, to say the very least. And continuous. And when the ship was suddenly quiet, you were then able to hear the pumping Euro beats coming from on-board disco... AWESOME.

It wasn't the best night's sleep I've ever had, and I arrived in Stockholm today wearing what I wore yesterday, and a grimmace. The Daily Outfit that I wore for this insane trip is:

Gunmetal blue leather jacket - Zara
Navy 'Macho' print T-shirt - Slick It Up
Orange and navy ribbon belt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Motor 3D embroidered jeans - G-Star
Orange and blue sneakers - Puma

Before we boarded the Baltic Princess, I got my sister to take these photos for me on the grounds of Turku Linna, a castle within the city of Turku. As it was Sunday, everything was closed and we didn't get to go in and see Turku Linna; but the grounds themselves were very pretty and it did make a good location for these Daily Outfit pictures.

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