Friday, 20 June 2014

Daily Outfit: Midsommar Eve

Today in Finland it is Midsommar Eve, the night that precedes the Midsommar Holiday weekend, and also our last night at the Lake House in Aanekoski.

Midsommar is traditionally a time of myth and magic, with the evening hours all but stripped away by the presence of near constant sunlight. It has been said to be the best time to divine the future in matters such as love, and is to this day a celebration of surviving the dark winter that went before.

Our Midsommar plans are fairly relaxed: we're having a sauna at the Lake House (complete with dips into the freezing cold lake!), and then rowing down stream to check out a local bonfire. 

As such, I decided to keep things light for my Midsommar Eve outfit and I am wearing:

Sailors cap - purchased from festival in 
Blue and white striped cotton sweater - Divided, H&M
White cotton crew-neck t-shirt - Esprit
Navy and cream Rococo print scarf (worn as belt) - thrifted
Navy shorter-length chino shorts - ASOS 

Summer in Finland is absolutely gorgeous, and I am having a fantastic time with my sister and best friend. That said, I'm also really looking forward to heading home to Australia in nine-days time.

I'm missing my boyfriend, my house and my usual routine, not to mention my full wardrobe and reliable internet connection!

Being here in Finland has been a really inspiring trip, and I am looking forward to trying lots of new Finnish-influenced things with my Blogging when I get back to Australia. Until then, I have nine-days left on this trip and I am going to make the most of it!

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